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We are seeking a motivated individual to join our team as a Roofing Estimator. As part of our team, you will generate detailed cost-analysis and scope of work estimates using historical data, contractor quotes, and site surveys. You provide clients and stakeholders with thorough explanations of pricing and cost details based on gathered data and supported with further estimates of projected maintenance costs and expected product lifetime. Our ideal candidate has extensive prior experience in roofing, consulting, and cost estimating areas.


The responsibilities of a roofing laborer revolve around working to install or repair roofs on residential or commercial structures. Your job duties in this career may include taking steps to remove old roofing materials before making repairs to the structure and applying new shingles or other coverings. You may assist during the equipment unload process and carry tools or roofing materials up the ladder to the work site on the roof. You may also drive equipment and materials to the worksite. You usually work as part of a team under the direction of a foreman or roofing contractor.

Project Manager

Responsible for planning and controlling every stage (from pre-construction, through to completion) of roofing installations or repairs to commercial properties for multiple concurrent construction projects. Complete projects on time and within budget, while ensuring that roofing teams work in safe conditions.

Gutter Installer

We are looking for a reliable Gutter Installer to join our construction team. Responsibilities include inspecting sites, taking measurements and removing hazardous items, making time and material cost estimates, constructing or altering required parts, sourcing replacement gutters, fitting brackets, and determining water flow. You should also be able to resolve gutter issues and ensure client satisfaction.

To be successful as a gutter installer, you should display excellent attention to detail, and be physically strong and fit. An outstanding gutter installer is always looking for ways to improve their skills and efficiency.

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